Pirate Speak Translator [ Talk Like a Pirate ]

Before explaining about this translator let me tell you about pirate language, If you wonder what is that I'll explain about this language below. If I define it in few words it is the speaking style used my pirates. This Pirate translator allows you to translate your English phrases so you can also speak like a Pirate.

Talk like a Pirate - Pirate Translator

It is not a formal or standard language but something you could say fun game like Wingdings Translator ( Wingdings Translator ). You can use this to play with or impress your friends. You can use this translation tool to convert proper English to Pirate speak and change your communication to pirate versions. There was also a parodic holiday called "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" on September 19th.

Translation & related Words (matey, cap'n, f)

Enter your English words or text in input field right above and click on translate button. It is fully optimised and works on any device. You can also check our Pirate Speak Dictionary to see which words and phrases are used in it. Take time and practice you can speak like a pirate. If you need help reach us from contact page.

Use our Pirate Speak to English Translator to decode from Pirate language or use English to Wingdings to convert text into Wingding Font.