About us

About SentenceCounter:

SentenceCounter.app is a compilation of free online text tools designed to be easy to use, fast, and secure. We offer a range of tools including text comparison, online text editing, text expansion, and text analysis, among others. You can utilize any of our tools without charge, without needing to subscribe or register. Our primary focus is on user privacy and content security; we do not access or share your data. We have eliminated all restrictions from our tools to ensure a seamless experience.

Technologies Utilized:

To optimize efficiency and speed, we employ advanced technologies. Our frontend utilizes basic HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery, while our backend is powered by PHP7 and MySQL. We have intentionally avoided unnecessary libraries to keep our code clean and the site lightweight.

Completely Free:

Our service is completely free; there are no subscription requirements or lengthy registration processes. We've streamlined the user experience to be both simple and fast. Feel free to share this valuable service with your peers.

Text Processing Limit:

SentenceCounter.app offers a range of free online text tools without the need for subscriptions or registrations, and there are no limits on text processing.

About the Developers:

SentenceCounter is developed by a team of expert developers at Devaxe. Contact us for assistance with developing your own websites and applications.

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University Road, Madina Town, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000