English to Minion Language Translator

Minion Translator allows you to translate standard English into minion language. Speak words from minion's dictionary. Want to know what banana call in minion's style ?

Minion Language Translator:

Minions language ( sometimes called "Minionese" or the "Banana language") is used in cartoon series ' Despicable Me '. It is not actual one lingo but combination of different languages like Spanish, Indonesian and Malay, Japanese, Italian, Korean and several other languages. Some examples as follow:

  • "traba" which means "work" (Portuguese)
  • "be wakuf" means "idiot" (Hindi)

If you want to decode minions language message use our Minion to English Translator

Official Minions Dictionary

Original dictionary consist of large numbers of words which you can find on this file. We have used same dictionary in this translator. Change each word of your sentence manually will be very time taking so developed this translator.

Speak Like Minions

Well this is not a lingo which can be used in serious conversions but still you can use in fun games or use to impress your friends same like Wingdings and Symbol Language.