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English Language to Bad Translator

Bad translator allows you to convert you English text into terrible English. It changes the words positions, sentence and alter the words.

What is the idea of bad translation?

Welcome to our website, inspired by the classic telephone game, also known as Chinese Whispers. In this game, one person starts with a message and whispers it to the next person, who must then pass it on to the following participant from memory. As the message travels from one person to another, it undergoes subtle changes, often resulting in amusing outcomes when the final person tries to say it aloud. Our website offers a digital twist on this traditional game, replacing human whispers with computer-based translations through multiple languages. It is not like google translate but a fun translator. If you want to decode bad translation use our Bad language to English Translator

Translate Multiple Messages to this Fun Language

You can add and convert multiple words and phrases with this translator. Use it to process random English phrases and get Chinese Whispers language. If you want to give review or have any question, please reach out to us using this email [], we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Use term 'query' or 'feedback' in email accordingly. Also try our Pig Latin Translator to convert English to Pig Latin or Symbol Translator to translate English Text into symbolic language.